Triumphant Restoration

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1968 Triumph TR250  Project Car ...SOLD

1968 Triumph TR250 For Sale

Commission #: CD5912L white (19) with black trim (11)

Engine #: CC5836E

Mileage: 46,700 miles on odometer

Transmission: Straight 4-speed


We have decided to start the restoration on this car.  We will sell you the car at any stage in the restoration.  Once purchased you can either have us complete the restoration or partial restoration.  Our prices are $40/hour and the work is done correctly.

  • Location Camdenton, Missouri.
  • Purchased from Pennsylvania
  • No title  (In process of obtaining a clear IL title)
  • Engine:
    The engine had been frozen.  It now spins freely.  I've changed all the hoses, thermostat, and am installing a recored radiator.  Next step will be to see how it runs.
  • Interior:
    The window regulator on the driver’s door needs to be replaced.
    The dashboard has all the gauges and knobs.
    Driver’s floorpan is severely rusted and should be replaced.
    Passenger pan may be savable.
  • Body:
    Somewhere in time the car got changed from white to metallic brown.  A lot of it is now flaking away.
    Inner and outer rockers appear good.
    Door gaps are good.
    The driver’s side has a dent in both fenders, no creases just looks like something bumped into it.
    The passenger side is scratched but the panels aren’t dented.  I suspect much of this happened when the car was in storage.
    The hood has a big dent and a lot of bondo.  Hood has been replaced.
    Front bumper is bent.  Front and rear bumpers will be replaced with straight usable bumpers.  May need rechroming for show.
    Front valance may be savable.
    Grill appears untouched.
    Both chrome sidelights are there and chrome is in decent shape.
    The trunk is pretty warped and has some rust along the lower lip.  Trunk has been replaced.
    It has a luggage rack but it should be rechromed.
    The rear bumper is in pretty good shape…slight straightening.  Chrome is average.  Rear bumper to be replaced with usable straight used bumper.
    The taillight housings look good and so does the chrome.  Lenses are intact.
    The trunk floor has the worst rust.  Trunk floor is being replaced with a new RF part.
    The rear passenger fender has quite a bit of rust at the top.
    When I looked up under the fender it looks, as the mounting flange is still intact.
    There are some rust bubbles on the trunk side fender extension (beside the trunk).
    There is also some bubbling on the deck panel (the one with the gas tank hole).  Both rear fenders are savable and will get metal patches.  The inner fender flanges and rear wings will get metal patches.  Once my bodyman finishes the patches you won't be able to tell they have been patched.  We will then strip the paint to bare metal and epoxy prime the rear half of the car.
  • This TR250 will either get Rostyle hubcaps or 72 spoke painted wires.
  • The battery box has one small hole but other than that is in really nice shape.The hole will receive a metal patch.
  • The Frame and suspension:
    Frame is solid.
    No accident damage visible.
    Needs rear shock link
    Trailing arm mounts good.

New photos and information will be posted as work progresses.


triumph-tr250-cd5912l-01 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-01
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-02 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-02
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-03 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-03
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-04 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-04
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-05 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-05
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-06 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-06
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-07 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-07
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-08 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-08
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-09 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-09
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-10 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-10
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-11 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-11
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-12 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-12
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-13 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-13
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-14 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-14
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-15 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-15
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-16 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-16
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-17 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-17
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-18 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-18
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-19 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-19
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-20 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-20
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-21 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-21
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-22 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-22
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-23 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-23
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-24 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-24
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-25 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-25
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-26 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-26
triumph-tr250-cd5912l-27 triumph-tr250-cd5912l-27